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In response to: Cranberry-Chocolate Scones with Tea

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
I do have a couple favorite scones. The one I make is more like a biscuit scone, plain and with cream. I like the plain ones so I can add jam and cream. There was a fascinating recipe in The Oregonian Foodday this week that had part rye flour and a filling with orange marmalade and chunks of chocolate, and pecans. Sounded quite interesting.
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In response to: Quesadillas with Apple-Celeriac “Pico de Gallo”

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
This sounds yummy! Improvisation is so fun when the results are so good.
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In response to: The Wonders of Farm-to-You Delivery

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
Your veggies are beautiful. I love the idea that they incorporate veggies and fruit from surrounding states. Looking forward to hearing more along the way. Enjoy!
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In response to: Masala Dabba

lessons for piano [Visitor] ·
Really thoughful blog about Masala Dabba. I loved reading it. Are they real jpgs or has the artwork been edited. Thanks for blogging this useful info.
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In response to: Two Cups of Dong Ding Oolong

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
Fascinating comparison. I didn't know about the oil on the top of the tea being higher quality. Now I have learned something new today. Thanks!
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In response to: Oysters on a Cold Beach?

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
Sounds fun!
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In response to: Seattle Restaurant Week, Oct. 17-28

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
Yummm! That dessert plate at Poppy's looks wonderful. Now I want to out and eat.
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In response to: Masala Dabba

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
The spices are beautiful! I can almost smell them. Love Indian food.
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In response to: 2010 Northwest Tea Festival

Cindy [Member]
I didn't realize you'd be there, Marilyn. Yay! It's been too long since we've seen each other. Are you coming up with Jan and the others? If so, I'll see you at dim sum tomorrow. :)
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In response to: 2010 Northwest Tea Festival

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
Looking forward to it and to seeing you.
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In response to: New Mexico Green Chiles (& Wine)

Deb [Visitor] ·
Thank you for your post, great vino info. I just heard about the Gruet and now for sure will try it. I have lived in Santa Fe and in Seattle and for amazing Hatch green chile in Seattle, I love the Santa Fe Cafe....Ravenna and Phinney Ridge. Wonderful New Mexican food.
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In response to: New Mexico Green Chiles (& Wine)

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
What a great idea for chilis. I really must do this. I have two big chili eaters in my family that would love this.
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In response to: New Mexico Green Chiles (& Wine)

Kat [Visitor] ·
What a great story. I love NM chili, but never thought about wine pairings. We did fall in love with the New Mexico red wines when we visited last June. I saw some Hatch chilis at Fred Meyer. Perhaps I'll try to roast some and try them with the bubbles!
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In response to: New Mexico Green Chiles (& Wine)

Joseph Holguin [Visitor] ·
Great post! Thank you for ordering from Diaz Farms, I'm glad you liked your chile. I will have to try the wine pairings, usually I drink a negra modelo but a wine would be a nice change.

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In response to: Demanding Conditions of the 2010 Vintage

Laurie Homer [Visitor]
Cindy, your website is delightful! I love the photos and descriptions! I went and looked at those salted caramel cupcakes and almost ordered some, but thought I should wait for a special occasion. When you come next, you'll have to try the sea-salt caramel gelato from Paciugo in is out of this world!
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In response to: A Favorite Yellow Teacup

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
BTW, that cupcake looks wonderful! Yummmm!
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In response to: A Favorite Yellow Teacup

Marilyn [Visitor] ·
Sorry that I am slow at visiting. Thanks for mentioning me and my yellow post. Love the teacup. It reminds me of ones my mother liked collecting. That recipe card is exactly the same as some I have in my recipe box. Happy belated birthday.
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In response to: iPhone Apps for Food, Wine, & Tea

Thanks for that info. I'm always looking for new meal ideas and now I going to download that Epicurious app.
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In response to: IFBC Top Bites: Cupcakes, Gazpacho, and Falafal

Cindy [Member]
Sandy, I hope you do end up posting some photos because I know they'll be beautiful. You definitely have both the eye and the skill for artistic shots!

Nancy, that Downtown/Down Home cookbook is arriving from Amazon tomorrow. I'm hoping it is full of recipes like the ones they prepared for us -- I loved those grits, too!. Heh, I'm not sure if the lemon workshop in particular came into play, just probably years of taking and teaching those sorts of classes at universities. I don't know if I'll ever shake that writer's workshop voice (although I can say that the sexy innuendo stuff doesn't ever seem to enter the picture).

Seasalt Caramel Cupcakes are coming my way Friday, as part of my birthday celebration. I also requested this month's special cupcake, which is made with huckleberries from the Foraged and Found guys.
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In response to: IFBC Top Bites: Cupcakes, Gazpacho, and Falafal

Cindy, good call on that falafel! Loved the melon gazpacho, too. Can you believe I missed the cupcakes? I think I'd have to add the corn grits with sauteed greens the Downtown/Down Home chefs prepared for Saturday's dinner. I think there was some butter involved there! Great idea for a post - sounds like that writing workshop came into play here. Nicely done.
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